Photos: Villagers Comes To The Rescue Of Newborn Baby Found Buried Alive In A Field

newborn baby

newborn baby

A newborn baby girl was rescued by villagers, who found her buried alive in a field in Anjira village of  Jajpur district, India, last Saturday, the New Indian Express reports.

The baby had been buried in a hamlet named Shyamsundarpur.

A passing school girl spotted the little girl feet moving and she raises the alarm for Villagers to quickly come to her rescue.

The little girl was dug her out and was passed over to a community health activist from the Asha group for treatment.

The baby was later transported to the Dharmasala government hospital.

“She is doing fine and all her parameters are normal,” said Fanindra Kumar Panigrahi, district chief medical officer. “She is a full term baby, weighing around 2.5 kg. Her umbilical cord was intact and body was still covered with vernix

Police Officer Jyoti Prakash Panda confirmed that the case was under investigation and will try to bring the Culprit to justice.

“We are trying to track the parents of the girl,” he said. “Chances are it was a case of female foeticide and it is clear whoever buried the baby wanted her dead”

Check more pictures below…..

newborn baby  newborn baby

newborn baby


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