18-year-old Yan Gorshtenin is helping L.A. Musicians live their dreams

Yan Gorshtenin

Yan Gorshtenin, began producing music at the young age of 14 and started managing artists full time when he was 17-year old. Now 18 and the founder of Scraper Records, Gorshtenin has worked hard to get his label off the ground and known to artists who dream of being superstars. In this interview with bigtimi.com, Gorshtenin shares how his persistent and positive spirit paved the way for him.

Tell us how the journey began?

I was always hungry for success and to become something in the world, not only do I want to make it a better place but also day-by-day I am making a change in the way people start a business. The journey began by starting my first ever company in my parents’ townhouse garage when I was 14; from there on out, I was focusing on building a publicly known business around the world.

What is a day in the life of Yan Gorshtenin

A day in my life begins with waking up, doing my morning routine; then driving to my office and working on our current clientele’s projects for their music careers and doing marketing gigs. Around noon I would be catching back-to-back meetings with prospective clients. When it comes closer tonight, I’m still out of the home, catching a client and if I have some time go to the gym and spend time with my loved ones.

How did you start your business?

I started my business by just STARTING IT! Literally, it was an idea and then I executed it, you should never wait to start. I bought my first domain, and me having previous web development experience I made the website for my first business “Netlodge”, and then connected with entrepreneurs in my community to make it stand out.

What inspired the name, Scraper?

I get this question asked a lot, maybe even a few times a day. “Scraper” comes from people calling me that when I was producing tracks in the studio, and the original meaning coming from the word “Skyscraper” it stands: for my goals are so high and when I achieve them, I’m called Scraper.

What influenced your interest to establish the Scraper Records?

I wanted to help emerging artists make something out of themselves, I’ve seen a lot of people do people dirty in the music industry and I wanted to be taking care of artists hand on, and helping them excel in the career; that made me start Scraper Records, and then later my close friend Tal Mazuz joining the team.

How would you describe Music Promotion and Management in the United States?

In the US, it’s getting your song or album pushed to a larger audience then you can get by yourself, not only is promotion vital, but it is a key asset in a artists career. Management is different, a manager is not an “assistant” we execute business relations for the artist, book shows for the artists, handle all business inquiries and directly work with the artist as their right hand.

What distinguishes your brand from others in its market category?

Scraper Records / Worldwide shows love to all our customers, not only are they customers but our friends as well. We make sure they are satisfied before anything else, and also make sure our support is top notch. So to make it clear, we work side by side with the artist with our brand to make sure the artist is happy with our services.

Did you gain support from anyone at the initial stage?

Sure, I did. From the people that started doing it with me, but when the name/brand was nothing, no one wanted to notice, support, or work with us. But then we had built our services and our clientele; after people saw the results they started supporting. The day ones will know whom I am talking about.

Earlier, you mentioned having other businesses you run apart from Scraper Records. Tell us about it.

My other businesses would be Netlodge, a media platform for startups, investors and entrepreneurs to view, post and generate business content to gain exposure. My other business is my side hustle, which would be doing marketing and brand development for businesses across the globe.

Were you at any point discouraged? And what did you do to overcome the discouragement?

Of course! I was discouraged, broke down and put blood, sweat, and tears into my passion. I did get discouraged, I’m going to be open about it and say that sometimes I failed, and that’s okay. You have to fail to know where you need to go and what to do right. To overcome my discouragement, I had looked past the failures and kept grinding, and working on my businesses to be where they are now.

What was the major challenge faced when starting the business?

Gaining traction and an audience, people don’t want to spend money, nor work with you if they don’t think you are credible as a business. I had to make sure my brand was credible; we provided only clean services and gained our reputation.

What has been the best moment since the inception of Scraper Records?

There were a lot of big moments from the beginning of the label, but one of them being that we were able to open our own recording studio in Los Angeles, with my partner Tal Mazuz. Other moments were connecting with major record labels and getting their attention as well.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30, providing a great life for my family and loved ones, as well as having been able to change the world.

What would be your advice to anyone who would love to go into Music Business or Industry?

 If you get in the industry, you have to be careful of the fake and negative industry, although it is a great industry to make a living for yourself.. People will try to take advantage of you for what you have for them to excel themselves in their career. Please, just do not give up, keep your head up and keep doing what you love if that is why you got into the music business.



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